Service, shipping and pricing philosophy

Our philosophy at Jolley’s Farm Toys and Diecast is simple.

1. We will keep our prices low, competitive even with U.S. retailers.

2. We won’t zap you with a higher price as items are discontinued or become harder to get. As long as there are a few left, the price of even rare items will stay the same.

3. You pay what it costs us to ship; no more. This is, quite simply, the fairest way to give you the best price.

Shipping methods

Canadian Orders
Shipped by mail or by Canpar (truck) — whichever is most cost-effective. (When parcel is shipped by Canpar, someone must be available to accept the parcel at the shipping address.)

U.S.A. Orders
Shipped by mail or by Carrier (truck). (Also see “Oversize items” below).

International Orders:
(other than USA) are shipped by Air Mail. We are not able to ship oversize items.

We’re sorry, but we do not ship to Australia or New Zealand.

Oversize Items:
Items such as a wagon or spring horse can’t be shipped by mail due to size.
In Canada, they ship by Canpar (truck).
In U.S.A., they ship by UPS or another Carrier.

Please note:
We’ve done our best to use photos which accurately represent the products, but they may not always correspond exactly to the products they illustrate.

Prices are subject to change.

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